lighthouse veli rat

The campsite is only 300 meters away from a very special landmark, the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic Coast, which offers an unforgettable experience – a breathtaking panoramic view of the coves Pantera and Ćuna and the nearby islands. The lighthouse measures 42 meters in height. It is distinguished from other lighthouses by its peculiar light yellow shade got from 100 000 egg yolks used for its construction. There is a chapel of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, in the lighthouse yard, which hosts the Roman Missal from 1869.
A walking path through an amazing 250 meters long “tunnel” of pine trees in the immediate vicinity of the campsite will lead you to the northern side of the island and a nearby cove Slatina. The surroundings are perfect for cycling, jogging or brisk walking. Swimming and diving are especially popular with tourists. You will definitely not be able to resist the charms of the crystal-clear sea.

beach lanterna

Our campsite is adjacent to one of the most attractive rocky beaches on the island, with a splendid view of the open sea and the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic Coast. Taking a dip in the crystal-clear sea is a unique experience created by the natural pebbles under your feet ,which have an almost therapeutic effect on your body. A unique atmosphere is created every evening by a spectacular sunset that will certainly take your breath away.

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